Denise Garbov

Moodle LMS – UI/UX



UX Design


Agency: ajukreizi
Developer: IT-kartellet

Moodle is one of the most common Learning Management Systems in Denmark in Universities and other institutions. This was a project in creating a new UX structure and a simple and more intuitive user interface for the platform for both students and teachers to get easier access to all their tools, courses, sign-ups and calendar.

The design was made in Sketch and prototyped in InVision.

04 00 00 Meta-kursus, tidligere kurser, hover klikbart kursus (DD).png
05 00 02 Sekventielt kursusformat, lederview (DD).png
01 00 01 Dashboard selected date, lederview (DD).png
01 01 00 Dashboard, lederview (DD).png